The organizers of this symposium are interested in combining the theory of Quantum Mechanics and AI. Quantum Mechanics (QM) is emerging from physics into non-quantum domains such as human language, cognition, information retrieval, biology, political science, organizations, and AI. The QM model has already been applied to the social interaction; e.g., Quantum Game Theory.

This symposium will bring together researchers interested in:

(1) application of QM inspired methods to more efficiently solve AI problems in non-quantum domains;

(2) application of AI to quantum domains, such as implementation of AI techniques on a quantum computer;

(3) or use of QM with AI to address previously unsolved problems in other fields.

The organizers are also interested in whether a QM approach to AI can be supported by field results in a specific content area; e.g., non-monotonic reasoning (NMR), or organizational decision-making.