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David Austin's Z80 Page


A small group of dedicated hackers are working on a C cross-compiler for the Z80 (and a number of other small micros).

There's now a mailing list : z80cc@miya.cs.it-chiba.ac.jp.

The first step is to develop a cross-assembler and then we will develop the cross-compiler and the C library. I (David Austin) am investigating the cross-assembler.

Target Computers and Z80 Emulators

Here is a list of target computers that we wish to support and also some information on Z80 emulators.

Current Projects

Available Projects

Here are a number of suggestions for projects for volunteers. Please let everyone know if you take one of these projects.

  1. A virtual computer with pretty Z80 and 6502 emulators. Take a look here. It will help me a lot to test the assembler/compiler. (And it's surely the only way to have many Mo !)
  2. Write a FAQ.
  3. Basic C libraries

We have a CVS repository, if you want an account please mail to Todd Tyrone Fries.

Written by David.Austin 24/7/96