Information Retrieval in Context

  1. Introduction
  2. Taxonomy of context features
  3. Situation
  4. Acquisition of context information
  5. Aspects of information retrieval process to improve/support
  6. Evaluation of context features
  7. Types of IR/Search applications
  8. Links
  9. References


This is a small attempt to understand and (more importantly) share the ideas of context that can be exploited in IR. The recent IRiX workshops suggest that there is ample room for investigating this emerging notion. Defining what are the context features is one thing, capturing the features accurately is another. Leveraging the features to improve parts of information retrieval processes and evaluating the effectivness appropriately are even more challenging issues. Providing an overview of context is the primary aim of this (wiki) page.

Another prospect of IRiX is that will facilitate closer communication between IR and related fields including Human Computer Interaction, Information Visualisation, and Information Seeking Research. The work such as IRiX/References#Kelly05 and IRiX/References#Larsen05 are a good example of successful application of concepts drawn from a cognitive model to improve the retrieval effectiveness. A number of models in IR and Information Seeking (or Behaviour) Research is discussed in IRiX/References#Wilson99. It would be fascinating if we could bring more of such studies into the field of IR.

This (wiki) page has been created as a part of the [WWW] Adaptive Search Models for Information Retrieval Project. Feel free to contact [WWW] me for your feedback. It's still in an early stage, but any suggestion for including related work is welcome.

Taxonomy of context features

(See IRiX/References#Ingwersen05b)


Acquisition of context information

Aspects of information retrieval process to improve/support

Evaluation of context features

Types of IR/Search applications




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