Language Identifiers are programs that guess the language that a document is written in.




TextCat is a Perl program for classifying languages, based on "N-Gram-Based Text Categorization" paper [WWW]

For identification, it scores languages for each document, and then selects the languages within 5% of the first one.

For example:

scots    62261
english  63167
frisian  65575
middle_frisian   65638
swedish  65857
afrikaans        66352
dutch    66563
estonian         66918
italian  67060
latin    67232
irish    67321
manx     67442
rumantsch        67577

62261 * 1.05 = 65374 ( scots:62261 < english:63167 < boundary:65374 < fresian:65575 < ..) So that means scots and english are chosen, but not fresian

Example for a document that's only English:

english  103768
catalan  118208
french   118922
latin    119014

103768*1.05 = 108956, so only english is selected.


[WWW] The TCatNG Toolkit is a Java package that is based on the "N-Gram-Based Text Categorization" paper, but has improvements as well: "This package also implements some extentions to the original proposal. Among other things, the software offers support for Good-Turing smoothing and new fingerprint comparison methods based on the similarity metrics proposed by Lin in "An information-theoretic definition of similarity" and Jiand & Conranth in "Semantic Similarity Based on Corpus Statistics and Lexical Taxonomy". Other classification methods besides nearest neighbour are also implemented, such as Support Vector Machines or Bayesian Logistic Regression."

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