Terrier 1.0.0

Release Date: 28 January 2005

Bug #1

Date: 03 February 2005

Reported By: Vassilis Plachouras

Description: Running the file bin/interactive_terrier.bat on Windows results in a class not found exception.

Severity: low

Discussion: In the file bin/interactive_terrier.bat, the class name for running the interactive query is uk.ac.gla.terrier.applications.InteractiveTerrier, which does not exist in the source code. The correct class name is uk.ac.gla.terrier.applications.InteractiveQuerying. The script bin/interactive_terrier.sh, which is used for Unix/Linux and Mac OS X systems works fine.

Fix: In the file bin/interactive_terrier.bat, replace uk.ac.gla.terrier.applications.InteractiveTerrier with uk.ac.gla.terrier.applications.InteractiveQuerying

Status: fixed, to be released in version 1.0.1

Bug #2

[Date]03 February 2005

Reported By: Gianni Amati

Description: bin/compile.sh does not compile. Error message is:

ANTLR Parser Generator Version 2.7.4 1989-2004 jGuru.com panic: Cannot find importVocab file 'MainTokenTypes.txt'


Fix: In the file bin/compile.sh add at line 89 the following two lines: ${JAVA_HOME}/bin/java -cp ${CLASSPATH} antlr.Tool terrier_floatlex.g ${JAVA_HOME}/bin/java -cp ${CLASSPATH} antlr.Tool terrier_normallex.g

[Status]fixed, to be released in version 1.0.1

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