Core Controls:

NB: Values of off or false will be ignored, 0 is not ignored.

Controls are used to control various stages of the indexing process. The defaults can be set using the querying.default.controls property in your terrier.properties file. If you wish your user to be able to modify any of these from the query, then you must add each to the querying.allowed.controls property.

Some controls (eg qe, scope) are designed to turn on Post Processes or Post Filters. Note that if you wish a control to infer a post filter or post process, then you need to tell the Manager which control infers which post filter or post process, and which order to run each in. To do this, please ensure you have the following controls: querying.postprocesses.order, querying.postprocesses.controls, querying.postfilters.order, querying.postfilters.controls


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