Proposed project ideas are listed at [WWW] http://ir.dcs.gla.ac.uk/wiki/TerrierTeam/2014InternProjects



1. Name of student: Giovanni Di Santo University: University of l'Aquila, Italy Start date: 3rd March June 2014 Duration of internship: 22 weeks (until 31st July 2014)

2. Name of student: S├ębastien Monnery University: University Aix Marseille, France Start date: 2nd June 2014 Duration of internship: 11 weeks (until 15 August 2014)

3. Name of student: Thibaut Thonet University: IRIT/INP-ENSEEIHT, Toulouse, France Start date: 9th June 2014 Duration of internship: 10 weeks

4. Name of student: Bruno Maciel Peres University ID Number: 2105470m Start date: 9th June Duration of internship: until 11th August (9 weeks) Protect: Idea for now is for him to port Mark's App to iOS.

* Lamjed

* Jarana

* Anyone else I forgot?