Shared Links of IR Group

Haystack: Open source Desktop system from MIT - Very interesting [WWW]

Gnowsis: Open source Semantic Desktop system from DFKI - Too much semantic web-oriented [WWW]

Chandler: Open source Semantic Desktop system from OSA - Good management of emails [WWW]

Vicodi: Enhancing Human Comprehension of Digital Content on the Internet - A new European prototype. Nice architecture... [WWW]

Beagle: Desktop Search for Linux - Me-too concept of "clue-packets"... [WWW]

IT-Convervations and Archive: Conference Audio Recordings and Transcripts - A combination of these two websites can make available recordings and transcripts of talks given in conferences. Someone had to do this. Was wondering if one could try and get the archives as a test collection?... [WWW] [WWW]

IBM Research - CS Theory - Web Research - [WWW]

CiteULike: Free Online Service to Organize Academic Papers - [WWW]

Flamenco at UC-Berkeley - [WWW]

Google Video Search - Search of Video Transcripts... [WWW]

Blinkx TV/Video Search - Interesting Description (also see attachment)... [WWW]

Google Suggest Beta - Probably we can do similar to Terrier? This works similar to auto-completion of email addresses IMO... [WWW]

SNAP Search Engine - Apparently, they use relevance feedback... [WWW]

Bibster - Managing, searching, and sharing bibliographic metadata (e.g. from BibTeX files) in a P2P network... [WWW]

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