Ronan Cummins (BEng MSc PhD PgCert)


Senior Scientist
Ieso Digial Health
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I am now a senior scientist for Ieso Digital Health working on machine learning and NLP applied to mental health.


Previously I taught information retrieval on the Computer Science Tripos and Advanced Topics in Natural Language Processing for the MPhil in Advanced Computer Science at the University of Cambridge.


I was a senior research associate at the NLIP group at the Computer Lab in Cambridge. I worked in the ALTA institute on aspects of automated assessment of English text using different types of learning approaches. My broad research interests are in Information Retrieval (IR), Natural Language Processing, Databases, Data Mining, and Artificial Intelligence. I am still very much interested in theoretical aspects of information retrieval including aspects of ranking, score distributions, query performance prediction, and evaluation. I review for related journals (e.g. JASIST, Journal of IR, Journal of Intelligent Information Systems, Transactions on Information Systems) and help out with some conference programme committees too (e.g. GECCO 2009-2013, AICS 2010-2012, SIGIR 2013, ICTIR 2013, IRF 2013, ECIR 2014, ICTIR 2014, IRFC 2014, SIGIR 2014). A list of publications can be viewed here.

Scientist @ Ieso

Senior Scientist at Ieso Digital Health

NLIP @ Cambridge

Senior Research associate at the ALTA institute at the University of Cambridge

CIS @ Greenwich

Lecturer in Information Systems & Enterprise Architecture at the School of Computing and Mathematical Science


Conducted post-doctoral research in the computational intelligence research group (CIRG).

IR @ Glasgow

Spent two years at the Information Retrieval Group in the University of Glasgow as an IRCSET and Marie-Curie visiting fellow.


Spent one year conducting post-doctoral research in the UMIR group in DERI.


Completed my PhD at the CIRG group in NUI, Galway.

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