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Session I: Opening Panel
IR in Context - the Conceptions of Context.
 Peter Ingwersen, Royal School of LIS, Denmark
 Ian Ruthven, University of Strathclyde, Scotland
 Kalervo Järvelin, University of Tampere, Finland

Session II: Models and General Approaches to IRiX
 Information Retrieval as Multi-tasking: an Exploratory Framework.
A. Spink and M. Park, School of Information Sciences, University of Pittsburgh, USA.

 The Role of Context in Information Retrieval.
G.J.F. Jones, School of Computing & Centre for Digital Video Processing, DCU, Ireland, and P.J. Brown, CS Dept, University of Exeter, UK.

 Using User's Context for IR Personalization.
N.J. Belkin, G. Muresan, X.-M. Zhang, SCILS, Rutgers University, USA.

 Identifying the Significant Contextual Factors of Search.
E.G. Toms and C. Dufour, Dalhousie University, Canada, J. Bartlett, L. Freund, and S. Szigeti, University of Toronto, Canada.

Session III: IRiX Applications
 A Context-sensitive Information System for Mobile Users (Demo).
A. Göker, M. Yakici, R. Bierig, School of Computing, The Robert Gordon University, Scotland, and H.I. Myrhaug, Trondheim, Norway.

 Context in Active Groups (Demo).
S. Watt, School of Computing, The Robert Gordon University, Scotland.

 Building a Test Collection for Investigating Contextual Information Retrieval.
D. Kelly, University of North Carolina, USA.

 End Users in the Context of XML documents: Setting Up an Interactive Track at INEX.
B. Larsen, Royal School of LIS, Denmark, A. Tombros, Dept CS, Queen Mary, University of London, UK, and S. Malik, University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany.

Session IV: Mixing Contextual Evidence and Representations
 Intelligent RSS News Aggregation Based on Semantic Contexts.
W. Huang and D. Webster, Centre for Internet Computing, University of Hull, UK.

 On the Need for Annotation-based Image Retrieval.
M. Inoue, National Institute of Informatics, Japan.

 Testing the Principle of Polyrepresentation.
M. Skov, H. Pedersen, B. Larsen, and P. Ingwersen, Royal School of LIS, Denmark.

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