The Schedule

Who's Talking Next? Check the Calendar Here.

Upcoming Talks

The calendar, hosted by Google, is publicly available and can be subscribed to by anyone. Click the links below to obtain XML, HTML, and ICAL versions of the calendar for you to import to your own busy schedule.

The Calendar

Check out the calendar to the left of this text to see what talks are on, and when. We also include events which may affect the attendance of talks, such as bank holidays and various IR conferences. Note that not all talks are confirmed; we use this calendar to track potential speakers, too.

Open to All

Although these talks are organised primarily for the benefit of the Glasgow IR Group, they are free and open to all. If you find a particular talk's abstract to be interesting or relevant to you, you are more than welcome to attend. These talks are usually attended by academic staff and research students in the group - new faces are always welcome!

Publicising Talks

Confirmed talks will be announced on the internal IR mailing list at least three days before they are due to be delivered, or whenever the speaker provides their abstract - whichever comes first. We'll also publicise it on the external ir-talks mailing list, which anyone is free to join. On the day of the talk, a further e-mail will be sent out to remind you.

Venue and Time

You can find out the venue, abstract and speaker information for a given talk by clicking the talk of your choice on the calendar to your left. Talks typically are held in SAWB 422 or 423 on Mondays at 4PM. Check the calendar for information on the venue and time.